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Generosity by Nadia

Generosity by Nadia


At Dream Chatter - we empower moms in remote villages in Sumba, Indonesia, through weaving.

We are very fortunate to have an incredible team of Brand Ambassadors who embrace the mission and share artisan's stories.

I want to give our brand ambassador, Nadia, a shout out. She's the founder of Christa Tuna in Singapore and is the most selfless, humble person I've met.

She reached out to me in early October, saying for her birthday she wants to do a fundraiser to help our artisans! 

The goal is to provide:

  • Buy livestock so our moms can get milk for food and an income when they breed & sell the livestock
  • Artisan's children education 
  • Light so artisans are able to work after the sun goes down

The three villages Dream Chatter serves don't have access to clean water, not much natural vegetation and far from schools (which the government does provide).

Nadia and I both agreed that making sure families are fed is the number one priority. When their basic needs are met, then we can focus on other things - education and health.

In mid-November, she & her friends and family donated.....drum roll.....

12,508,000 Indonesian Rupiah

That's around $845 US Dollars or $1,164 Singaporean Dollars.

That goes a long way in Indonesia - especially in the villages!

Artisans gets goats

To be clear, the artisans are not getting a full donation. We will be paying for their supplies and the artisans will pay 10% of the purchase price. 

This way, they know that the items belong to them! (Part of the whole empowerment project) I called up sociologists and psychologists in the Bay Area to double check on our methods - and they agreed. 


Here's where the money went:

Description Indonesian Currency USD Currency
Goats x 10 women
String for goats 31,000 2.09
Car rental for goats 300,000 20.27
Gasoline for car 40,000 2.70
Drinking water 70,000 4.73
Solar panels, battery & equipment x 10 women
Children's education: supplies, food, transportation x 13 kids 2,000,000 135.12
Reserve for maintenance and emergencies 1,467,000 99.11
Total 12,508,000 IDR $ 845.04 USD


Dream Chatter has enough saved to help boost the donation by supplying the food supplies. 

Remember that we're charging the women 10% of the purchase price.

The income that we earn will go into the reserve for maintenance, school fees, food and supplies. 

I spoke to my team in Sumba several times, and they are beyond overjoyed! More importantly, the women are so incredibly happy with the supplies.


Here's what the women said:

  • The goat's milk is a potential food source
  • The goats can help fertilize the land, since it's been hard to plant
  • They're going to be helping their neighboring communities with what they earn
  • The light source will help them work after hours when their children are asleep. This will help them get more food, water and other supplies


Thank you Nadia for your generosity!!!

Hope you had a great birthday!



Nov 14, 2018 • Posted by Mega

Thank you Nadia! Appreciate it Tina :)

Nov 13, 2018 • Posted by Nadia

thank you DreamChatter Team for making this possible!

Nov 13, 2018 • Posted by tina soedjak

Beautiful Action.

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